Cyber Liability

Coverage for expenses resulting from cyber attacks.

Just about any organization that uses technology to do business faces cyber risk. And as technology becomes more complex and sophisticated, so do the threats we face – which is why every business and organization needs to be prepared with Cyber Liability insurance. At Professional Insurance Management, we understand the complexity of cyber threats and have Cyber Liability insurance solutions to help protect your business assets.

The right coverage your business or organization needs depends on your level of risk. The cost of dealing with a data breach goes beyond repairing databases, strengthening security procedures or replacing lost laptops. Regulations requiring notifications of affected customers also drive costs for companies in which a data breach compromises personal or confidential data. Traditional business insurance may not be enough to protect companies from cyber-crime.

Typically, there are a number of different coverages available. To customize the coverage that is right for your company, we will work with you to tailor the coverages based on the specific risks your business faces.

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